Mashhad Gold Night

Mashhad Gold Night





All very welcome to join and enjoy lovely event from Tabriz & Shiraz to Mashhad.

🤞🏻You’re clear to destination “Mashhad” via flight plan route. Expect memorable event after departure


[flipclock countdown=”true” face=”days” date=”03th August 2019 03:30pm” name=”Mashhad”]


Take Note of below terms first : 

  • Departure from Shiraz and Tabriz to Mashhad
  • All flights should be use Airtour callsign “IRB”
  • Event Briefing 30mins before event time at VAirtour discord server (Event Briefing room)
  • All notams published at time, should be simulate from both pilots and controllers ( Notam will be receive at our Notam channel @iatvanotam )
  • Be sure that you have latest AIRAC (1908) , charts and scenery
  • You should expect Fun and Training event. It means you should know about all of approaches or how to hold over a fix/point etc.
  • If you do not understand an instruction, then ask the controller again
  • Don’t “step” on other pilots or controllers conversations
  • Wait few seconds before doing any transmission right after you switched to a new frequency



Routes : 

Tabriz to Mashhad >>  RAKED UL333 BUDED UR660 RALGO UL333 RST A416 KOBUB UL333 EGMAN A416 RSR UL333 ALKUP A416 SBZ N636 LOXED A416 RIBUX

Cruise level : Odd levels such as FL290 , FL310 , FL330

Shiraz to Mashhad >>  KINOT G663 RAMIL

Cruise level : Odd levels such as FL290 , FL310 , FL330



Charts :

VAirtour Download center 



Sceneries : 



ATC frequencies :


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