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current date is : 16/01/1399

Number of questions : 10


You have just 10 mins to complete this test

1. IRA223 at holding point of rwy 29L and IRM317 on final rwy 29L ready to land .Which one is false?
2. In which situation we use calm for wind?
3. If all ATC positions are online at airport, runway is controlled by ...
4. Unicom frequency is ...... and used when.......
5. If you lost your comunication with ATC you must set squawk to ...
6. Z.F.W is abbreviation of ...
7. What is the meaning of AGL?
8. C.G is abbreviation of ...
9. If transition level is 9000 ft,how do you read levels above 9000ft?
10. What is the meaning of "WILCO" in ATC comunication?


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